SCode BV is a Dutch corporation based on the idea to protect airline passengers against criminalty linked to baggage. In a practical sense it means to give airport operators improved choices of automated exit controls and, concering the people much more, to avoid organized crime based upon baggage tag address and absence information.

The primary idea was the replacement of the personal address tag by a plastic card containing a code and an SCode™ access number but no personal data. Various electronic data carriers may be added upon the requirements of prospective issuers like airlines or insurances. Added value is automatically provided by identification of lost and mishandled baggage through the SCode™ database. 

The shown sample is a card type dedicated to the horizontal line of users like tour operators or travel and baggage insurances. Licenses are available to closed user groups as well as a full custom designed solution including back end service from SCode BV.


We have saved global intellectual property rights on all of our solutions not only to offer licenses, but to ensure each customer will have a real chance to jumpstart a new product or service fitting into existing safe interactive procedures and communication channels. Or in groupwise terms: to assist creating a new or simplified procedure.

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