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right now we have the world at our fingertips, but truly global communication or workflow procedures haven´t gone far beyond the phone number system.

Real time information interchange and analysis have become an important part of our professional life, but why then waste a lot of time for interpretation,  converting or manual interface work?

First of all its difficult to look through the hodgepodge of various national, industrial, corporate or whatsoever standards to search for an appropriate solution of your problem. Do you always find one? If yes, how many time does it need? What about your cooperation partners?

It is a miracle that a private corporation could set a global standard by simply introducing a product: Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately wonders never come twice. If you don´t like to sit in standard commitees hoping  any technology will match the compromise, if you need simple, but logical and complete solutions practicable anywhere at acceptable cost without reinvention of the wheel you should think about:


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