Generally SCode BV will issue separate licenses depending on the nature of the specific solution and usually not linked to any industry, sector, subcontractor or geographic area. A public library in need of improving their inhouse monitoring system will be able to obtain a license as well as a worldwide freight forwarder.

Any SCode™ license will be issued for a single negotiable purpose, in the most cases on a non exclusive basis depending on the whole nature of information interchange. Applications that require exclusivity will of course be treated as such.

SCode™ licenses will be offered either by the number of beneficiary persons or actions at a specific licensee or at a flat monthly rental for inhouse solutions or at a single fee for certain products dedicated to non profit organisations.

SCode BV will offer additional services like call center and back end operations dedicated primarily to open solutions creating a lot of public traffic, but we shall not force any licensee to take use of it. We shall not pile up hidden charges in cooperation with hard- and software suppliers.

If you are interested in obtaining information on  our patents and other intellectual property rights, available and working solutions mentioning those not yet working because of incomplete technical development or legal restrictions and licenses derived thereof don´t hesitate to give us notice.


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